The World Bible Project looks to partner with people, churches, and organizations that are interested in advancing God’s kingdom by helping people and protecting and preserving the earth and creatures that He created.

The Lord has blessed us with the Spirit to spread His Word and to help the poor and disadvantaged and to fight injustices throughout the world.

With God’s grace and mercies and with the help of our partners and supporters like you, the World Bible Project is able to impact many lives. You can help in many ways.


What is the World Bible Project? Well, in a nutshell, we’re an organization that spreads the Word of God by offering free Bibles to any person or organization seeking the grace and wisdom of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. We also support the disadvantaged and fight for human rights, wildlife, and the earth and its environment throughout the world. Partner with us!

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God’s Word holds the power to transform lives! Through the reading, studying, and absorbing of God’s Word, souls are saved and wounds are healed. We distribute free Bibles to any person or organization seeking God’s grace and wisdom. The seed is the Word of God and once planted, it will grow within you and totally change your life! What are you waiting for? Request a free Bible now!

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Through supporters like you, we are able to impact many lives. Our operation relies heavily on the financial donations of generous people like you who believe in our mission and vision. The Lord has placed the spirit in us to help the people, animals, and the earth that He created. Donations are critical to the work we do. Please make a donation today of any amount. It will help change lives! Thank you and God bless!

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